RRT4G is a team of ultra cyclists who live in different parts of the country
who participate in ultra cycling events from coast to coast all over the country. We participate in events such as the Race Across America (RAAM) to regional RAAM events and No Country for Old Men just to name a few. 




Join Our Crew

Crew members are the backbone of our team's success. Driving across the country in a cramped space with few showers, random meal schedules and lack of sleep is not for everyone. But if you're ready to test your limits, you will experience a unique adventure that unfolds minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile. We are always looking for organized, motivating crew members throughout the year for qualifying races as well as the granddaddy - RAAM. Learn more about joining our crew.

The Team

A love of cycling and adventure brought our team of racers, including 5 vets representing all the military branches, together to build an awesome team. Their dedication and training pushes their physical and psychological limits with the goal of reaching their personal best. No strangers to competition, our team has participated in multiple challenges from motocross to Ironman. Intense year-long training prepares them for the ultimate endurance race. Meet our team. 


Next Event

NCOM logo.jpg

Team RRT4Gis back to race the 2017NCOM race in Alpine,Texas on Oct. 14th. We will be doing our best to beat the 58 hour record for this race set in 2014.  We have an awesome crew that will motivate us and get us to the finish line.