RRT4G is a team of ultra cyclists who live in different parts of the country
that participate in ultra cycling events nationwide. We participate in events such as the Race Across America (RAAM) and regional events such as No Country for Old Men. 

2017 NCOM 1000 Mile Record Holders, 55hrs 55Min!!!!


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Racer Spotlight: Craig Prather

Craig's venture into ultra cycling started in the 1990's with 12 and 24 hour team mountain bike races. After some moderate success he focused more on traditional cycling races on both road and mountain becoming an expert category mountain and category 3 road racer. 

   After moving to Florida from West Virginia in 2000 cycling was put on the back burner for a while letting family life take priority. He couldn't stay away from cycling for long though. Ultra cycling was in his blood from the first time on a road bike when he rode 80 miles, spending the majority of the day in the saddle. 

   After dabbling in duathlon and triathlons for a few years and battling a few health setbacks, having a few heart attacks in his early 30's, he returned to ultra cycling in 2011 at Bike Sebring. He scored an age group win and established a new record in the 30-34 age group at 240 miles in the 12 hour race. 

   In 2013 after yet another age group win and 2nd overall  he suffered his 3rd heart attack just one week later, but this one was different. Open heart surgery was necessary and doctors had to perform a   double bypass of his left coronary artery. Not to be stopped in his tracks he qualified for RAAM in a 400 mile race 9 short months later. He's competed with the team in a few solo events and also was on the 2017 Texas RAAM Challenge winning team and participated in RAW the same year.  

   After a few more heart attacks he has recently decided to switch gears and take a more laid-back approach to cycling and purchased a velomobile at the end of 2018. After 2 months of riding in the new platform he took on Sebring 12 hour one more time managing 223 miles in 12 hours and yet took another category win. He looks forward to many more adventures and trying his hand at 24 hour solo events in the future in his new velo. So keep your eyes peeled on the race scene and look for his name in the results!

The Team

A love of cycling and adventure brought our team of racers, many of whom are vets, together to build an awesome team. Dedication and training pushes their physical and psychological limits with the goal of reaching their personal best. No strangers to competition, our team has participated in multiple challenges from adventure racing, motocross to Ironman. Intense training prepares the racers and crew members ( which makes these races possible) a successful and winning combination.  


Next Event

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Team RRT4G is continuing to train and ride lots of miles every week in the different areas the racers are located throughout the country. They are riding Gravel, Road and some Mountain biking. Stay tuned for the next event. It will be Epic.