RRT4G is a team of ultra cyclists who live in different parts of the country
that participate in ultra cycling events nationwide. We participate in events such as the Race Across America (RAAM) and regional events such as No Country for Old Men. 

2017 NCOM 1000 Mile Record Holders, 55hrs 55Min!!!!


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World UltraCycling Association

We want to congratulate our teammate, Marc Poland, on becoming a WUCA board member. 

The Team

A love of cycling and adventure brought our team of racers, many of whom are vets, together to build an awesome team. Dedication and training pushes their physical and psychological limits with the goal of reaching their personal best. No strangers to competition, our team has participated in multiple challenges from adventure racing, motocross to Ironman. Intense training prepares the racers and crew members ( which makes these races possible) a successful and winning combination.  


Next Event

24 hour michigan.jpg

RRT4G is back to racing again. Dan Rocco is racing the National 24 Hour Challenge in Michigan tomorrow morning on June 16th. Dan has lots of experience in these 24 hour solo events. Check out or Facebook page after the race and see how great he performed.