RRT4G is a team of ultra cyclists who live in different parts of the country
that participate in ultra cycling events nationwide. We participate in events such as the Race Across America (RAAM) and regional events such as No Country for Old Men. 

2017 NCOM 1000 Mile Record Holders, 55hrs 55Min!!!!


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Marc Poland Everest Climb

On Thursday, OCT 4, a small group arrived at Thomas’ Grocery, loaded with bicycles and a van full of food.  At 9:00, the first ascent began, tackling the 2,300 vertical gain from Thomas’ Grocery to Carvers Gap.  Approximately one hour later, the group reached the Gap, turned around and descended back to their impromptu base camp, then immediately launched for a second lap.  Throughout the day on Thursday, various local riders accompanied the one rider who would eventually complete thirteen such laps.  At dark, the company of other cyclists was replaced by a direct-follow vehicle with revolving drivers.  The solo cyclist, Bakersville’s Marc Poland, continued riding, completing these up-and-down laps until 7:30am on Friday morning.  Thirteen laps were completed for a total of 30,000’ of ascent, establishing a first successful climb of Roan Mountain at the “Everest Challenge” level.  Marc has been an ultra-endurance cyclist for many years and was also part of the Mitchell/Yancey county foursome (rounded out by Chris Boone of Bakersville, and Donny Laws and Rich Boulter of Burnsville) who set a new cross-NC record a year ago, crossing the 565 miles from Murphy to Manteo in 29 hours.  Marc rides with the ultra-cycling team of RRT4G, a national group having completed numerous Race Across America events.  Another RRT4G teammate, Carol Beliveau recently claimed a Yancey County first, making her mark as the first to reach the Everest accomplishment on Mt. Mitchell.  A frequent patron of Thomas’ Grocery, Marc expressed gratitude for the welcoming by the store, the patience of those who also use NC261 for their regular commute, and the several local friends who contributed support to make this ride possible.

The Team

A love of cycling and adventure brought our team of racers, many of whom are vets, together to build an awesome team. Dedication and training pushes their physical and psychological limits with the goal of reaching their personal best. No strangers to competition, our team has participated in multiple challenges from adventure racing, motocross to Ironman. Intense training prepares the racers and crew members ( which makes these races possible) a successful and winning combination.  


Next Event


Team RRT4G will be back for the yearrly challenge of the Texas RAAM Challenge. The team will be fielding two teams this year for the 500 mile race. Dan and David Rocco will be racing a 2-man team and a 4-rider team made up of Tim Barrow, Linda Dabbiero, Dusty Dustyn and Ford Snodgrass will be racing it as well. The team and crew is looking forward to race and the hills that come with it.